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Guided Bike & Boat Tour in Bahia Santander

Guided bike tour for €30 (minimum 8 bikes)

  • Distance: 12 km
  • Time required: 2 h
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Bike type: Tourbike, MTB

Embark on the Guided Bike & Boat Tour in Bahia Santander where eco-adventure meets conservation!

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Bahia Santander while contributing to the recovery of the majestic fish eagle.

This guided tour will lead you on a mesmerizing electric bike tour through the pristine landscapes of Bahia Santander.

As you pedal through this natural haven, become part of something bigger – the restoration of the fish eagle population.

Learn about the ongoing conservation efforts aimed at protecting and revitalizing this incredible species. Your adventure directly supports initiatives to ensure the fish eagle’s habitat thrives.

After the cycling tour you embark on a boat for a guided tour providing you with exclusive views of Bahia Santander from a different perspective.

Create Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

Check available dates and book your electric bike and boat tour on the same day!



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Places of Interest

Ruta de Pedreña a Los Molinos pasando por Ermita de San Juan (7.8 km)