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MTB Coast Tour – Somo, Langre, Ajo

Guided tour option for €55

  • Distance: 33 km
  • Time required: 4 h
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Bike type: MTB

Join the MTB Coast Tour from Somo and enjoy weaving through charming villages and amazing views.

This picturesque route caters to every level of rider, ensuring a delightful journey along the mesmerizing coastline.

As you pedal, be prepared for astonishing views that unfold with every turn. From the serene beaches of Los Tranquilos, Playa de Langre, and Playa de Antuerta to the cultural treasures like La Ermita de San Pantaleón and the Monasterio Nuestra Señora de Latas, each stop is a visual feast.

The e-bikes make this coastal adventure accessible to all, offering a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Don’t miss the chance to experience the stunning landscapes and captivating landmarks along this extraordinary route.

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Make every mile a memory against the backdrop of the astonishing coastal beauty!

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Places of Interest

Loop trail from Somo passing through:

  • Playa de los tranquilos (4.1 km)
  • Mirador de la Espinosa (5.2 km)
  • Playa de Langre (7.7 km)
  • Playa de Arenillas (8.9 km)
  • Cueva Cucabrera (11.2 km)
  • Ermita de San Pantaleón (12.8 km)
  • Playa de Antuerta (18.5 km)
  • Iglesia de San Pedruco (20.4 km)
  • Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (26.1 km)
  • Iglesia de San Félix (29.1 km)
  • Monasterio Nuestra Señora de Latas (31.8 km)